We are a small independent company who are passionate about art and travel. On our adventures across the world we discovered some exceptional pieces that were never able to buy in our home country. Curated.was founded as a way to make this art available to a new audience who could also enjoy it with all the convenience of an online shop to make finding that one special piece as convenient as possible whilst  supporting talented  artists.


Our services include commissioned artwork as well as the opportunity of trading in your existing art against something new with our ART EXCHANGE program. 


Giving back is very important to us so many of the paintings we sell,are linked to a Wildlife conservation organisation whereby we donate 10% of the sale to support endangered species and the habitats they live in.

If you are an artist looking for a platform to sell your work, then please get in touch.  Our aim is to give artists an affordable solution to showcase their work, leaving us to handle all the logistics.


KELLIE - Co Founder | Curator | Accounts

Studied Art at school and is always on the lookout for an exquisite piece that has a story. Loves travel, food, gardening and entertaining Valerie our daughter.


STEFAN - Co Founder | Artist Liaison | Web | Logistics

A self obsessed cycling nut who enjoys the world of Art, food, cooking and with a keen interest in marketing and working with people from all walks of life.