By Curated.


We move through owning so many other forms of art so why not paintings? Curated. have made it easy and affordable to own new art through our ART EXCHANGE portal, giving you the option to trade your existing art in against something new in our gallery. The process beings with three easy steps to get your appraisal and if we are unable to buy your art, we will list it in our MARKETPLACE GALLERY free for other registered users to buy.


Curated. offer a very easy and convenient way of affording pieces from our gallery with ART EXCHANGE. Begin this journey by sending us some details and a photo of your artwork and we will offer you an exchange value against any piece in our Gallery. Here are some examples why this could be a great opportunity to consider this purchase option.

  • You have moved home and your current art no longer works with your new space based on size, medium or colour

  • You want to inject new, fresh colours into your home and some new art will do just that

  • You have grown tired of your current art and its time for a change

  • You have some pieces that were handed down but are not quite your taste and style

  • You love something in our gallery and trading in your old art is going to make it financially possible.

The process is exceptionally easy and we take care of all the hassle including the shipping of your art. Please read the FAQ section for more information.


If we are unable to exchange your artwork against a new piece in our gallery, members are able to list it in our MARKETPLACE GALLERY free. Curated. take care of all the enquiries and will facilitate the sale or trade of your art with another keen collector. We levy a 20% handling fee which includes payment processing & shipping expenses to the UK only.

Once a buyer has paid for the artwork, we will forward on a specialist shipping box along with a new waybill . Upon successful receipt of the artwork by the new owner we will transfer the selling price less fees via a secure bank transaction or PayPal.



ART EXCHANGE & MARKETPLACE GALLERY are only accessible to registered users. If you have not already created your free account, click here to Log In or Sign up.



Once you have registered and logged into your account, navigate to ART EXCHANGE in your members menu which is displayed next to your avatar icon.



Provide some information about your art you are looking to exchange by completing the form fields. Attach your photos before submitting your exchange request.


Is it really easy to assemble? I don't want to face with a crisis.

Atom is engineered with user-friendly mindset to ensure practical and durable housing solutions to whom that want their desirable space to build for themselves. We are going to provide a manual and a fixed torque wrench for screwing process and you are ready to go. Additionally, it is just screwing process but if you don't want to strive with building up, a local handy-man's help could solve the problem instantly. Our pre-built models are different, we are going to assemble and furnish for you!

Are you going to provide interior design within it?

We have pre-built models but if you decide to order DIY kit, exterior parts for each side will be additionable and you are going to have different options for them. Exterior options are; container texture, pvc joinery and full-stack glass.

Can I expand my space after the initial order?

Of course, sometimes you will never known how much space you are going to need or your needs could change after a while. Qube's primary feature is that being able to bold together to all axes. If you decide to expand your space after, you won't need a construction or repair process. Right now, our model could be stackable up to 4th floor but if you need to go higher, just contact with us.

What is your off-grid solution? I want a self-sufficient model which has solar panel, water tank and insulation fixed altogether, can you help me?

These are very different concepts to provide altogether but we have insulation solutions depending on your needs and which weather type is going to be exposed to Atom. Also, we have a partnership with a solar energy firm that you could get a fair and reduced price. Unfortunately, we couldn't provide a water tank because a minimisation or packaging is not an option. You should advise your local solutions.

What is the estimated delivery time? Can you able to ship all around the world?

Yes, we can able to ship all around the world but delivery time could change depending on region and the shipping format. It is suitable to contact with us for furher details. In the long run, our business model lean on regional solution partners who can store our Atom and deliver orders instantely. We have a super easy recipent to assemble and furnish. Both exterior and interior units are smart packaged to provide fast build up process.

I think you have got somewhere and I like the idea. Can I sell your products?

Excellent, we have regional partnership offers. If you have a depository to stock up our smart packages and ability to build it up properly based on our recipents. (basically just screwing and furnishing.) Please contact with us, we are open for all kind of collaboration.