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They may not be as famous as their trunked, horned, or maned neighbours, but these painted dogs are beautiful, unique, and fascinating social animals that are perfect subjects for art. Support the conservation of these animals by purchasing a piece from this collection.



Make a statement with a striking portrait from our hand picked collection. Cant find that perfect one? work with one of our artists to create a piece of work to match your rooms theme, colour palette and hanging space. 



The Lion and Cheetah are Africa's most popular wild animals and weather they are hunting or relaxing, their pose commands presence and makes for wonderful art. Support the conservation these wild animals by purchasing a piece from this collection.



In this collection we have fierce predators like the African Fish Eagle to the clumsy Guineafowl to suit any room or atmosphere you are looking to create. Our artist are also able to play with colours and make something bespoke and original with these subjects to suit your style.



One of Africa's most endangered animals that are a very rare sight in the wild. Their unique contours make them great art subjects but most importantly it serves as a bold reminder to protect this species from extinction. Support the conservation of the Rhino by purchasing a piece from this collection.



Justin Mashora has created a playful twist on these very social animals which are only native to Africa. Each Zebra has a unique set of striped patterns and following with that, we have a unique collection not found anywhere else.



With Giraffe numbers on the decline, the species have been put on the critically endangered list. Hunted for their hides which have a wonderfully unique check pattern, its important to support the conservation of these beautiful animals and bring awareness to their demise.



The African Elephant is the worlds largest land animal that has always been used in the context of African art.  Since the introduction of the 1989 conservation act, this majestic creature has survived extinction but their tusks are still sought after and their habitat is in constant decline. Support this species by purchasing a piece from this collection which includes a donation to a dedicated wildlife fund.



The Sub Saharan Buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa and one of the Big5. This collection contains some colourful representations of these animals and other antelope which can create a modern and fun African inspired room.



This collection contains a number of other animals big and small with a fresh and colourful approach from artist Justin Mashora. If you have a particular animal you are fond of and want to get something commissioned, just get in touch and we can create something unique just for you...




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